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Our friends and their team have started a project in the bush close to Mukono. It is located about 1.5 hours from Kampala. So far, Sycamore offers up to 60 school places and a nursery.

This is Sam. On this piece of land behind him, the new school will be built. General donations go to this future building.


With a small amount of money, a lot can be achieved and hope can be brought to the neighborhood.

We are collecting donations for:

… sewing machines that will provide young girls with an opportunity to build a better future

…helping families start their own small business. The leaders of Sycamore will supervise them and give them advice.

How the donations from 2015 were invested:

With the donations in January 2015, a well was built. Everyone can enjoy the fresh groundwater now. The well is about 13.7 meters deep and grasps up to 10`000 liters a day.

When visiting in October, we were able to accomplish the following:

Start of a music school for the school children

We bought musical intruments for the children so that they would receive musical assistance. Eight children are currently taking guitar lessons.

Microscope for the clinic

We were able to donate a microscope that is able to detect malaria to the bush clinic.

Family support

We were able to donate a warm banket for every family of the school children for their homes. They were all very happy about it.

Pictures of the project


Pictures of the neighborhood